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Violence is not the answer

by Ed Lewis

courtesy of Kevin TumaThe writer has heard this phrase during most of his life.   He wonders who in the devil came up with this seemingly stupid thought, as it appears that violence has always been the answer, at least for wannabe tyrannical governments.   Much of mankind’s history is that of corrupt governments and others using violence to take over the control of people, denying them self-will and self-determination.

Look at the wars or conflicts of the 18th Century up to the present.   One cannot in a brief article discuss every act of violence as just one government, the US Government Corporation, has used so much violence for its own and its controllers’ purposes that a complete history would fill a huge library.

Also, we should remember that this land – America – was founded through violence, as diplomacy tried by our founders ended with nothing gained except additional oppression, murders, and other forms of coercion by England’s king, mirrored today by what happens with those that attempt to gain redress from government or to charge government entities with crimes.

We have one of the most famous wars of all in our history, the aggression by the Northern states against the Southern states that seceded from the union to form their own union of states.   Although the reasons for the attack are actually far more complex with hidden organizations controlling it, it actually boils down to the loss of tariffs that had previously gone to the US Government from the South and that the South had developed its own currency contrary to the desires of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

The “Civil War”, quite possibly a misnomer, initially had nothing to do with slavery, although slavery later became an issue in order for the US Government to keep the people behind the killing and destruction of the seceding states.   Furthermore, if one researches this objectively, one will find according to many researchers that not all slavery ended; only slaves in the seceding southern states were emancipated.

Be that as it may, the fact is that the Northern states invaded what had become a sovereign land with extreme violence in order to force the people making up the states into submitting to Union control.   One must ask if violence is not the answer, then why was the bloodiest war in American history fought?   After all, even today any state that wishes to may lawfully leave the union of states known as the united States of America.   All it takes is a convention of the people willing it.

The answer to lost revenues and expanded control by the US Government was to fool the people into supporting a war that should never have been fought, with the myth added that it was about freeing the slaves.

One will also find that a “lone” gunman did not assassinate Lincoln but that it was a conspiracy involving the moneychangers, namely the so-called Jewish Rothschilds.   In fact, one will find the ruthless Rothschild family that controls most of the world’s wealth was behind every war, financing both sides in order to establish the world’s centralized bank’s control.   This is still going on, although people believe this control is just a “conspiracy theory”.

Also, let us never forget that the America took over the control of much land through genocide by the US Government.   The sad but bloody fact is that much of the land was taken over from the Native American Indians not through diplomacy but through bloodthirsty ruthless violence used against non-warrior women, children, and old men.

The US Government also infected Indians with smallpox, a certain killer once infected at the time.   It actually applied smallpox to the Indians’ blankets so that they would be exposed to the illness night after night.   Today the threat of US Government using bio and chemical agents against the American people is far greater and of multiple types, from chemtrails to inoculations to disastrous chemicals in food and water.

As always, however, the answer for government to rapidly gain control is through violence.   Thousands upon thousands of Indians were killed and maimed with the remnants more or less placed in concentration camps of sorts controlled by the US Military.   Granted, there may not have been a containment fence around the reservations (another word for camp or containment area) but a fence today is not physically around we people either, although our freedom is violently curtailed – oppressed that is – either directly or by the threat of violence as part of the coercive methodology.

The lack of containment fences, of course, will change unless we stop the plans of the US Government and its controllers from containing dissidents in concentration camps on American soil.     Yeah, the writer knows – concentration camps in America for Americans is just a right-wing conspiracy nut theory.   If it is just a conspiracy theory, why did the anti-American US Government give the anti-American Halliburton Company a huge annual contract (no bid as usual since Halliburton’s “the creep Cheney” is still in the office he was put in by the Zionist controllers) to built confinement and death camps?

However, much as many might wish, including the writer, most people just do not believe the camps’ purpose is to contain, re-educate, use as slaves, or to slaughter Americans behind closed doors, so to speak.   This belief is in spite of the many subversive activities of the US Government and the largely Zionist owned major media sources.

Far too many of our people still believe that the US Government is benevolent instead of its true nature – sadistic Satanism devoid of human compassion.   Even worse, the majority of the American people seem not to care how many so-called “public servants” have been caught in corrupt acts and occult Satanist behaviors.     In fact, many of the miscreant criminals and traitors are “re-elected” and have been holding their offices through hook and crook – or voter fraud – for decades.

Anyway, the financing of the camps is a hell of a deal for the traitors in government.   The American people are paying through their labor (taxes stolen through fraud and violence) the building of the camps that are going to hold and slaughter millions of their own for no more than disagreeing with the most ruthless sadistic Satan-loving government on Earth and its brother/boss in crimes against humanity, the State of Israel’s Zionist masters.   Not only that but violent ready and willing to kill and maim federal, State, and local law enforcers are going to help in the containment and resultant deaths of Americans.   What fools they are to believe their impunity is a done deal.

We see once again that the answer by government and ruthless psychopathic people – the writer does not consider them “Americans” – already trained or in training to help the government destroy America’s sovereignty and the sovereignty of the people, is violence.   There is no diplomacy, as government entities no longer have diplomatic abilities.   They understand only the use of force and, therefore, use force and not justice and righteousness, to coerce compliance to their anti-American, anti-humanity edicts.

The writer knows and understands that many reading this will believe the writer crazier than a loon, as the local government has often said of him for informing them of the Law and statutes that regulate them and prohibit any control, including taxes laid, on private property.   After all, the writer was once one of the indoctrinated.   He believed the same – the insanity – of others that wrote about such outlandish thoughts as supremacy by government and its controllers as wild-ass theories.   However, what the uninformed American public considered as far out has been revealed as fact.

Of course, there is one bright spot if one believes in Karma.   That is that the good and evil one does during one’s life will be returned to him three fold – spiritually, financially, and socially.   Or put another way, what goes around comes around.   So one day the corrupt in government serving the government’s and their own self interests will come back to haunt them, hopefully during the writer’s lifetime.

In speaking of violence as a political tool, one should not ignore the State of Israel, particularly since it has control over the US Government and what people may think and write.   Isn’t it rather strange that anyone that talks against Israel is ostracized and accused of being an anti-Semite, even though the Semite people were Arabs?   Moreover, even if one accepts the changed definition by the Zionist State of Israel, is it not strange that the history of all other people on Earth can be talked and written about without any negative crap by mainstream media and governments around the world.

Granted, there is a bit of repercussion for talking about blacks and queers but it is minor in comparison to speaking out against the Jews or the so-called “holocaust”.   One can be put in prison in many countries, such as Canada, just for talking about the myth of the holocaust of World War II, while few even know or think about the 60,000,000 Christians killed by Jews in Russia by the Zionist Bolsheviks, or the 50,000,000 of others killed during World War II.

And what of Israel’s slaughter of innocent Palestinians and Lebanese?   Are not these people just as important as Jews or the so-called Jews descendant from the Khazarians?

The slaughter of the American Indians can be researched and talked about.   No one yells “anti-Indian” right wing radical or traitor or whatever.   Why is that?   Is not the history – factual history that is – of the State of Israel and the Zionist slaughter of its own and others through false flag operations and slaughtering innocent Christian and Muslim people just as important as the US slaughter of Indians?

And what of the relationship between the US Government and the State of Israel?   You see, it is America that largely defends with money and armaments the methodology of the very evil Zionists.   Many American people professing Christianity actually believe the State of Israel acts justly based on the false premise that the Zionist politically created State of Israel is the biblical home of the Chosen People and that the Zionists are the Chosen People.   Completely false, of course, but try to get such into mainstream media (owned or controlled by Zionists).

What is the answer of the State of Israel and the Zionist so-called Jews, as it uses the money and weapons from America to take over land it does not deserve or have any claim to?   Violence, pure and simple.   Slaughter those that oppose Israel, the despicable politically created state through fraud that has nothing to do with the biblical “chosen people”, which included the other Israeli tribes besides the tribe of Judah.

Anyway, to make an extremely long story short, violence resulting in the deaths of millions upon millions of innocent people along with trillions of destroyed property and natural resources is the result of governments using fraud to incite people to wars.   Always, the people are abused – and the Earth polluted – while government entities and their controllers sit back in their untouchable estates and offices, destroying all that is good and right in mankind.

The intent is to control all people and use them as slaves for the masters – the scumbag psychopaths we mistakenly think of “elite”.   Violence – killing, maiming, and destruction of private property and ownership – is their primary tool in their push for world dominance over all people.

Of course, the writer is crazier than a loon because he looks at evidence instead of the crap put out by mainstream media, politicians lying to be re-elected, politicians lying to gain additional control over the people, and the BS in all major publications, TV, and radio shows controlled by the Zionist.   To avoid the truth of the hidden agendas of so-called “leaders”, do not look into the evidence but believe the disinformation crap public schools, politicians, and the controlled media have taught for 60 years.   Otherwise, you might become as crazy as the writer in the eyes of the uninformed and misinformed and you may even feel responsibility to take action that might deprive you of TV viewing time.

Regardless, though, you had best hang on when the psychopathic ruthless occult elitists take their final step to world control.   Violence will rule just as it always has.   Just ask the Palestians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Panamanians, Lebanese, and the people of dozens of other countries.

Additionally, and against mainstream thinking, the stinking US Government Corporation will use extreme violence and inhumane treatment in our land against our people.   It already has with dozens of false flag operations and literally millions of armed criminal acts against Americans, although most do not believe this even with overwhelming evidence.   Moreover, as of last Friday, October 13th, 2006, Congress declared America dead by passing the Military Commissions Act.   Read it for yourself, you naive believers that government is benevolent and protecting the rights of the people.

The bright side is that when the final extremely violent push for dominance begins by the elite scum, people will rapidly wake up to the fact that the only answer to the rule intended by the occult psychopathic crazies in our and other governments is extreme life-saving violence, a tit for tat against the oppressors.   Enough people will know that those in government rule by violence; that it is violence or the threat of violence that forces compliance to the dumb butts in government.   Acting as sheeple will not solve the problem but only deepen it for our descendants.

Furthermore, the elite scum and their dumbed down minions fail to consider that most animals fight back when cornered.   They seem to have the false belief that all Americans are afraid to fight back, that ordinary Americans are nothing but pussies.   They are as mistaken in this as they were about the Iraqis rolling over to US Government and – hence – Zionist rule.

Thoughts of violence have risen in many Americans in part because far too many Americans that have tried non-violent resolution are now serving time in federal prisons because of the corrupt judiciary and other officials, and many more in State prisons and jails.   There are also thousands more that have lost their homes, property, and livelihoods because of – and to – corrupt public officials that are nothing but common thugs.   Thus, many of these people or their family members and friends are preparing for war, as the writing on the wall is clear – submit to their will or be killed.

Thus, sooner or later, the dam will break and those who understand freedom will rise to the occasion, standing against corrupted governments and their hired enforcers in a true war for human freedom.   They will no longer support evil governments that violently oppress inherent, unalienable rights of human beings.

This man – an American in heart and mind – prays he stays alive long enough for America – the true America – to be on its way to or becoming once again the land of the brave and the home of the free.


Ed Lewis is a columnist at Liberty For All.   Contact Mr. Lewis at