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US Constitution Day 2007

by R. Lee Wrights

R. Lee WrightsA few years ago I had the great honor of penning a resolution that was sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Forsyth County (North Carolina), which was eventually passed and adopted by my hometown’s town council, or Board of Aldermen as it was referred to at the time. So, I decided to see if we couldn’t get the same resolution they adopted sponsored by some of our other affiliates. What began as a local endeavor quickly grew into a national movement. I am proud to report that the US Constitution Resolution has either been adopted or being considered for adoption in over half the states in the union. Every effort is a local one.

This is an excellent opportunity for local Libertarian and liberty-oriented groups to put on a “positive face.” Far too often we are seen with our “negative face” on. Libertarians are always against something or other, or so it seems. What with rising taxation rates and ever-expanding bureaucratic regulations, spending and waste, the government gives us plenty to be against. But this is a chance for us to be for something. And, it is not as hard as you might think to get local governing boards to support a resolution recognizing Constitution Day. They are almost afraid not to embrace such an idea once it is presented to them openly. I mean, are not all government officials sworn to defend and uphold the US Constitution? How could you explain you were against such a resolution when it came time for reelection? So, don’t be afraid to try this. It is fun and easier than you think.

While it is a shame that we should even have to propose a resolution such as this, it is encouraging to see the idea so widely embraced. We need to continue to educate our fellow citizens about our beloved Constitution and how it is being tread upon on a daily basis by those in whom they have placed so much trust. US Constitution Day or Week should need no proclamation. It should automatically be a national holiday and be every bit as celebrated as most of the other holidays combined. Only education will save the republic that our Constitution preserves, and gain the respect for the document that it so richly deserves.

Below you will find my Resolution. Please feel free to copy and use it as you wish. Of course, the city name and board will need to be filled in according to your area, but feel free to use the rest of the content. Then, let’s us know what kind of luck you have getting it adopted. And for all those that already have the resolution, please keep us updated on your progress as well. Any meetings where the resolution is considered are excellent outreach opportunities perfect for passing out copies of the Cato Pocket Constitution. Be sure and stamp your county/state affiliate information on the inside of the covers. Never be afraid to let people know that Libertarians support the US Constitution! Contact the editor at


Resolution recognizing U.S. Constitution Day and U.S. Constitution Week.

WHEREAS, as the result of a revolutionary war that was fought to free the citizens of the United States of America from a tyrannical and oppressive government; and, the attempt of these citizens to form a new government that respected the people as the sole source of all governmental power, the need for a written document to limit the strength of government and secure, to the people, the right to govern themselves was recognized, and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Constitution was adopted in a Constitutional Convention on the 17th of September, 1787, and thus became the supreme law of the United States of America in order to secure and guarantee the rights of all free citizens of the United States of America, and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Constitution stands today as the oldest written document, of its kind, in the history of all mankind, as a result of the efforts of, and at great cost to, the patriots that founded our great nation, the United States of America, and

WHEREAS, September 17th is designated as U.S. Constitution Day, and that September 16 through September 22 is designated as U.S. Constitution Week throughout the United States of America.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and __________________ of the City of _________________ hereby declare the official observance of September 17th as U.S. Constitution Day, and September 16 through September 22 as U.S. Constitution Week, in humble respect for the patriots from our past that gave their all so that their fellow citizens, and those yet unborn in our nation, should remain free in perpetuity to enjoy the rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.



R. Lee Wrights is a writer and political activist living in North Carolina. He is the co-founder and editor of the free speech online magazine Liberty For All. Contact Lee at

3 Responses to US Constitution Day 2007

  1. bill wald

    August 19, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    The Constitution was imposed by those who overthrew the government that resulted from the Revolution, the Articles of Confederation. Right from the start it gave ultimate legal power to the supreme court. And since when has the oath of office meant anything to our leaders?

    If I can’t trust a person with money I can’t trust him with anything. The USofA has never had an honest budget or an honest balance sheet – not since the adoption of the Constitution.

  2. Tony Ryan

    August 20, 2007 at 10:31 am

    The US Government’s budget (full of lies, cheating, illegal paybacks, hidden agendas ad nauseum) is not the real issue.

    While Lee rightly points out that most politicians will readily give the appearance of supporting this resolution, they will only prove (AGAIN) their basic lie. For, to them, it is merely something to use when it suits their misguided purpose – and something to ignore when it doesn’t and is a mere inconvenience easily ignored.

    What we need to do is stress the enforcement of the Constitution’s guidelines for the governing of this country and, as citizens – using the power of the vote – remove those whom we’ve carelessly elected to office to abuse their authority (let’s quote Michael Cloud, “It’s not the abuse of power, but the power to abuse!”).

    It seems to me that a violation of an oath of office is grounds for removal from office.

    The key part of this whole campaign is giving out copies of the document in the hope that some will actually read it, understand it and then understand how our “leaders” violate our basic rights as citizens on a daily basis.

    The internet is becoming a good way to reveal those unconstitutional deeds committed by these elected officials. Now, instead of just doing a shoulder shrug and thinking, “What can I do?”, let’s all work to make them stop!

    Then, maybe, we can have an “honest” budget which, according to the Constitution, will be much, much smaller.

  3. Howard L.Wilson

    November 30, 2007 at 11:09 pm

    And with a foresworn President at the helm, the Constitution and appended Bill of Rights, are basically void, as of this day. Only with a Libertarian as President, might we find a restoration of Liberty for a few more years ( 2 choices in the immediate future: either Ron Paul or George D. Phillies).