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Rotten political system invites rotten candidates

by Donna Mancini

Donna Mancini“Government: The device by which the few control the many.”


Politics is rotten. How do you know when a politician is lying? Their lips are moving.

The fact that the candidates for President are rotten, is one thing, but I take real issue with the all-powerful, all-knowing office of the American President these days and our political system itself.

I do not need or want a power-hungry, violent, arrogant jerk, who is disrespectful of other people’s rights and property claiming to represent me or for that matter anyone claiming to represent me without my consent.     I am my own “Commander-in-Chief,” thank you very much!

I know the Prez is only supposed to be Commander-in-Chief over the military, but in reality the current “interpretation” amounts to letting the insatiable Beast run the personal and economic affairs of everyone within our borders and allows him to try like hell to run the rest of the planet as well!

If everyone would quit listening to the propaganda on TV and in the newspapers and observe reality, I think they would quickly come to the conclusion that political leaders and voting are undesirable and unnecessary; and, cost us much more than they are worth in time, money and lost liberty. If the federal government ceased and desisted operation today, and never returned, life would go on in a cheaper, more efficient and more peaceful manner than ever seen before in America. All we could honestly say would be “good riddance!”

All presidents are painfully the same, or they could not be President. First, to get elected they have to be a professional liar, who can promise everyone something for nothing with a straight face and pretend to understand and care about millions of diverse people whom he has never met and knows nothing about. Preposterous, to say the least.

Also, sending our nation’s children to kill and be killed serving as rent- a -cops in foreign lands is not a job for an intelligent and caring human being either. Then, add to this hideous job description robbing and bullying people at gunpoint so you can make them obey your rules and redistribute their personal wealth in order to buy more votes.   How disgusting is that? Isn’t there an attractive, articulate, charismatic Mafia Don out there looking for an exciting new position with full time pay and excellent “benefits” who wants to give it a whirl?   A “Godfather” would have to be at least as good/bad? And just as proficient at running the government operations and securing our security than the     present gang or any of the major party candidates.

No honest and decent person could ever get elected as President to begin with because honest and moral politics do not mix or exist. It’s an oxymoron!

Getting to vote for President in these United States in 2008 is like getting to pick your own executioner: The end result is going to be the same and it is not for your benefit.
On Election Day, do some real good voting: Spending your money on the goods and services you and your family prefer in the marketplace.

Shop for what you want, and pay for what you get with your honestly acquired dough.

No politicians or bureaucrats anywhere to be found!

WOW, is that not what Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is really all about?

Just say NO to politics!

Live and Let Live! Freedom Works.

Freedom is an attitude!


Donna Walker Mancini is a columnist for Liberty For All. Find out more about Donna at