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Libertarians respond to Gov. McCrory’s State of the State address

by Brian Irving  

Nothing Gov. Pat McCrory said in his State of the State address indicates he’ll deviate from the 40-year record of both Democratic and Republican governors that’s contributed to the excessive debt, regulation and public sector bureaucracy handicapping North Carolina, said the chair of the state Libertarian Party.

In a response to the address posted on the party’s website, J.J. Summerell said Libertarians would take a common sense approach to the complex issues facing the state, based on the principle of liberty.

“This principle includes the right to life free from coercion, the right of liberty of speech and action, and the right to property, and it permeates everything we do,” he explained.

“So often the Democrats and Republicans overlook the desires of their constituents to ensure their own political power and to maintain the status quo,” he said. “The citizens of North Carolina are realizing that the Libertarian Party offers viable solutions that will enhance their lives while limiting the control others have over them.”

In the area of education, the governor didn’t even address the need for a school choice program, Summerell noted. Despite the promise by House Majority Leader Skip Stam to have a voucher bill early in the legislative session, no bill has been filed.

“The LPNC believes a voucher-based department of public instruction would greatly reduce administrative inefficiencies and return those funds to the classrooms to be spent directly on student education, not government administration,” Summerell said.

While McCrory mentioned reducing the corporate income tax, he proposed expanding the state sales tax. In contrast, Summerell said the libertarians would eliminate all income taxes and implement a fair, proportional tax.

“The Libertarian plan for economic growth is built on the premise that attracting employers to North Carolina is a function of low taxes, high quality schools and high quality infrastructure,” he said.

McCrory also wants to escalate the war on drugs by putting more people in jail.

“Our current drug policy, which is waging war against Americans, is an embarrassing failure,” Summerell said. “It’s time to change strategy.”

“Rather than spending money on the trials and incarceration of these offenders we could be creating tax revenues while rehabilitating them,” he said. This can be done by decriminalization, which has been done successfully in Sweden and Portugal.


Brian Irving is a contributing editor for Liberty For All. Read more of Irving’s rants at

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